#1 сајт за упознавање сингл бајкера
#1 сајт за упознавање сингл бајкера
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Time for some changes....

Године 55 из Berwick, Pennsylvania - На мрежи Сада
Жена Тражим Мушкарца (Удаљеност 153 миља)

Gentlemen....Limited time offer! My subscription expires soon! I only subscribed for one month to try it out....again. I was here a few years ago without much luck. Looking for some new friends and I LOVE to ride! Almost an empty-nester.....Time to...

Grounded but a free spirit

Године 52 из Faison, North Carolina - На мрежи Сада
Жена Тражим Мушкарца (Удаљеност 273 миља)

Kind but not weak. Educated and have common sense. Love to laugh but not at the expense of others. I keep my bags packed for work; however, they’re also ready for a trip to the beach....awww peace and solitude.

ISO something real.

Године 47 из Bluefield, Virginia - На мрежи Сада
Жена Тражим Мушкарца (Удаљеност 240 миља)

A single mother 2 looking for something real. I’m jot looking for players or liars. I’m not looking to get married anytime soon. I would like to build a trusting relationship to lead to something more. I don’t have a motorcycle but I love to ride. If...

Not done yet

Године 54 из Marne, Ohio - На мрежи Сада
Жена Тражим Мушкарца (Удаљеност 269 миља)

5'2 long blonde hair blue eyes med.build

Less boring, more awesome!

Године 44 из Asheville, North Carolina - На мрежи Сада
Жена Тражим Мушкарца (Удаљеност 366 миља)

10 years, three bikes, and many thousands of miles ago, I took a MSF course to learn to ride a motorcycle. I fell in love with being on two wheels, more so than I ever thought possible. Now, I ride because I have to. Riding is my passion, it...

Ride and laugh! What's better than that?

Године 54 из Montreal, Quebec - На мрежи Сада
Жена Тражим Мушкарца (Удаљеност 488 миља)

I like to laugh and have fun. I ride my own but I like sometimes to wrap my arms around someone and enjoy the ride. I'm Canadian but I prefer to ride in US. Let's chat..

A real southern bell!

Године 48 из Clinton, South Carolina - На мрежи Сада
Жена Тражим Мушкарца (Удаљеност 399 миља)

Honest, blunt, as real as it gets, loving,my family is the loves of my life. Im independent,funny, and a prize if i must day so myself!!

two can create a spark

Године 48 из Fort Wayne, Indiana - На мрежи Сада
Жена Тражим Мушкарца (Удаљеност 429 миља)

I'm easy to talk to and i love to have lucrative conversation. I like to get to meet new people and lean new things.

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